Museum Bonaire

The old museum building is located on Kaya J.C. van der Ree in Kralendijk, Bonaire. It's build in 1885 by a Venezuelan plantation owner and was bought by the Herrera family, one of the influential families on Bonaire. At that time, the house was called the 'Van der Ree house'. The house became a small shop with vegetables and meat and also beer.

Later on, the house became a museum with a large collection. Unfortunately, in 2012, the museum closed its doors. Part of the collection can be seen in Kas di Arte.

Due to deferred maintenance this beautiful old house was deteriorating fast and when we saw it for sale, we knew we had to buy it. We think a building like this needs to be loved and taken care for and can't just deteriorate like a lot of old Bonairian houses. Our plan is to renovate this monument and turn it into a museum again with a focus on the history, culture and nature of Bonaire. Renovation takes a lot of time, especially because we want to preserve all the original details. This project will take over a year of hard work.

Left side

The left side of the museum with a young wayaca tree. The wayaca is an indigenous tree with hard and heavy wood that was already in use as timber in pre-Columbian times.

Office building

A more recent office building in the backyard, the details like the cedar shutter windows are based on the original house. Shutters were used to create the perfect breeze through the house.